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Clutchco Renews Commitment With Timken Drives Chain

Clutchco International has been a Drives Chain distributor for many years. However, we are now a recognized as an Oil and Gas Chain distributor at all store locations.

Roller chain used in the oil and gas industries are subjected to some of the highest loads and harshest operating conditions. Timken Drives Chain produces their oil and gas chain with the same attention to detail that goes into all of their products, but these chains are also subjected to performance testing in accordance with the latest American Petroleum institute (API) requirements. Continue reading

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NACD appoints Clutchco in Oklahoma as a Distributor

NACD (North American Clutch and Driveline) appoints Clutchco of Oklahoma as a Distributor for the complete line of products. Orders are already being placed with Larry McMasters, Branch Manager, Oklahoma City, and the NACD stock order will fill the shelves soon. … Continue reading

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